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My Credit Group -
Offers 4 step credit restoration program that addresses entire credit profile including: original creditor disputes, debt validation, pay for deletions, debt negotiations, and help establishing new credit.
Liberty Settlement Funding -
Offers lump sum cash in exchange for future payments from structured settlements and annuities.
National Lawsuit Funding -
Offering litigation financial services for clients with a pending motor vehicle, personal injury, or workers compensation pre-settlement cases.
NSSAE - National Structured Settlement Annuity Exchange -
Provides tort victims receiving settlement payments a network of reputable factoring companies and private investors who will compete to purchase the rights to their future annuity payments. -
Get companies competing to purchases your annuity, structured settlement or lottery payments.
Stone Street Capital -
Offers a lump sum payment option for structured settlements, annuities and lottery winners. Features flexible methods to sell structured settlements.
Stone Street Capital -
A leader in the structured settlement lump sum industry, offering future payment streams from structured settlements, annuities and lottery prize winners.
Structured Settlement Quotes -
Offers structured settlements and annuity factoring consultant services. Clients receive many quotes and bids from top advanced funding companies for their periodic payments
Structured Settlements -
Offers immediate funding of structured settlements, annuity, and life insurance.