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The V7N Directory of Message Boards, Chats and Forums

A Civil Disagreement -
Provides a forum for civil discussion on political topics. Topics are presented with posted responses and are available for commentary.
Argue With Everyone Political Forums -
Forum for political discussions, arguments, and debates about current issues.
Corolla Forum -
An online community for public discussion for Corolla owners.
India Broadband Forum -
Troubleshooting help for internet connectivity and networking related problems besides discussions about DTH and mobile phone service providers in India. Read daily technology and computers related news from across the world.
Medical Gas Forum -
A discussion forum for medical gas professionals and persons in the medical industry, meant to improve medical gas standards by communication.
Politics Forum Political World -
A politics forum offering discussion on international issues. Subjects include economics, history, philosophy, society, elections, and war.
Radio Control Forum -
Canadas largest RC forum for RC planes, RC boats and cars and RC helicopters.
Seniors Only Club -
Offering several topic areas, membership is free but restricted to those who are fifty years old or older. First and last names are used rather than handles.
Service Academy Forums -
Provides a discussion forum about United States service academys, including the USAFA, USNA, USMA, USCGA, USMMA and the DODMERB.
The Computer Forums -
Provides on online discussion board on computer topics, including repair, hardware, mods, software, and games.
Top Tips Forum -
A general forum which offers tips on a range of subjects. Includes sections on sports, life, science, finance, technology and more.
Tourism Zone -
Provides an online forum to discuss travel, holidays, and tourism. Topics include backpacking, food, and photography.
Web Wise Forum -
Provides a forum offering management resources, information and industry news. Also offers domain registration services.