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Listings of customizable portals.

America OnLine -
Offers web services such as internet access, email, instant messaging, chat, and news. -
No need for english to surf hot girls pictures, free games, boys images, local news, etc.
BringiToMe -
Offers personalized pages, including social networking and aggregation of RSS feeds.
Excite -
Offers search, news, mail, weather, personal, and other services in a customizable homepage format. -
Disney's web portal that includes access to email, a directory, news, stocks, sports, and a search engine.
Lycos -
In a portal format offers a search tool, email, weather, and news.
Mobilemo -
Allows you to be seen on mobile phones across the globe. Create visually appealing and interactive mobile sites using edgy but user-friendly tools. Allows audience interaction, file sharing, and more. Mobile site maker. -
Provides customizable resources in a portal-based site. Features include acces to Hotmail email, instant messaging, maps, news, and a search engine. Part of the Microsft Network. -
Urdu web portal with in-depth news and analysis on Pakistan politics, news, business, cricket, education, showbiz and entertainment both in English and Urdu.
Yahoo! -
Offers a variety of web features in a personalized portal. Includes access to Yahoo! search, email, instant messaging, radio, wather, horoscopes, and news.