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Arutz Sheva - http://
Israeli online news source. Includes news, opinions, features, blogs, pictures and video.
Bar-IIan Iniversity -
Israel's second largest university. Combines traditional Jewish traditions with modern technologies and research. Includes schools of humanities, social sciences, and medical studies.
Ben Gurion University of the Negev -
Israeli university focussed on development of the Negev, the desert which covers more than 60% of the country. Includes schools of mathematics, engineering, natural and social sciences, arts, humanities and more.
Car Rentals Tel Aviv -
Compare cheap car hire in Tel Aviv at Ben Gurion Airport and throughout Israel.
Emet News Service -
Weekly news summary of events in Israel and of importance to Jewish people. Includes blogs, live video feeds, analysis and viewpoints on major issues of the week.
Eretz Israel Museum -
A multidisciplinary museum focusing on cultural and historical aspects of Israel's history. Includes exhibits on Archeology, ethnography, Folklore, Judaica and more.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem -
Hebrew language university in Jerusalem. Includes schools of humanities, social sciences, business administration, social work, medicine, science and more.
Israel @ CIA Factbook -
Provides a summary of vital stats of Israel. Includes geography, population, birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, military statistics and economic statistics.
Israel @ Wikipedia -
Offers a brief history of Israel along with outlines of the geography, government, demographics and economy of the nation.
Israel Govenment Tourist Office -
Information on tourism within Israel. Includes a visitors guide, general information and holiday travel guides.
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
Information about Israeli society, history, news, government ministries. Includes sections on Israels foreign relations, facts about Israel, the Middle East peace process and more.
Israel Ministry of Tourism -
Provides information on Tourism in and around Israel. Includes information on religious pilgrimages, travel itineraries, accommodation, etc.
Israel Travel and Hotels Guide -
Source for information on leading Hotels, car rentals, and travel services. Includes city guides, and essential Israel travelers information.
Israeli Government Portal -
A comprehensive guide to Israel's government resources. Includes information on public services, directories, government forms, and information on Hebrew.
Joinweb -
Provides hosting services for Israel businesses. Also offers eCommerce, application development and backup services.
Tel Aviv Museum -
Israel's main art museum. Opened in 1932 and hosts permanent exhibitions, cultural programs, classical and jazz music performances and more.
Tel Aviv University -
The largest Jewish University in the world. Created in 1956, includes schools of law, economics, natural sciences and Jewish Studies.
The Israel Museum Jerusalem -
Israeli museum focussed on art and archeology. Founded in 1965 the museum includes exhibits, study rooms, ethnography center and a variety of resources on Judaism and Jewish lifestyles.
The Jerusalem Post -
Israel's daily newspaper. Includes information on regional, national and international news, weather and sports.
WhiteSmoke -
The Hebrew-language website offering writing software, including a grammar checker and English writing software.