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Russian Regional Web Directory

Gazeta Russia -
Offers an English version of the popular Russian online newspaper. Includes numerous articles, reviews and news reports.
Luxury Info -
Offers online magazine of luxury related goods including xpensive yachts, cars and elite real estate. Features articles about luxury goods, news and interviews with celebrities and well-known people.
Petersburg Travel -
Provides information on tourism and travel to St. Petersburg, Russia.
Pravda -
English language version of Pravda, a defunct Soviet Era Russian newspaper. Offers world and regional news and somewhat radical editorials.
Russia @ CIA Factbook -
Provides a summary of vital stats of Russia. Includes geography, population, birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, military statistics and economic statistics.
Russia @ DMOZ -
The Russia category of the ODP.
Russia @ Wikipedia -
Offers a brief history of Russia along with outlines of the geography, government, demographics and economy of the nation.
Russian Federation -
Here you will find official information and documents from the Russian President, Security Council and references to webpages of other official websites.
The Kremlin -
The Official Website for the Kremlin in English.
The St. Petersburg Times -
A comprehensive newspaper that covers news from across Russia and the World in English. Includes sections on news, business, sports, classifieds, real estate, employment and opinions.