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American Mathematical Society -
Provides information on publications, conferences, news and research in the field of mathematics. -
A variety of basic math lessons such as fractions, decimals, and whole numbers. The site also offers basic math games, calculators,worksheets, and an introduction to ancient numeration system.
Ineedatutor -
Provides online platform for private / personal tutors at an affordable tuition rate.
Learn With Math Games -
Offers teacher-approved games to motivate and teach math concepts from elementary through high school.
Math World -
Features a glossary of terms and covers topics such as algebra, calculus, geometry and number theory from and undergraduate to research level.
TeachMeWell -
Offers online maths practice for kids 5-10 years. Timed tests, practice lessons, Flash tutorials, math worksheets and games. All results are logged and graded for review. Real-time feedback guides student and quickly improves math grades.
White Group Mathematics -
Caters to A level H2 maths learning-sections include detailed advice/recommendations, question locker vault with fully worked problems. Higher level, early college material also available.