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Submission Guidelines

Title: This must be the name of the website.

As an example, if we look at we can clearly see that the name of the site is A Full Cup, so that is the title that would be used for the directory submission. We would not use Grocery Couponing & Deal Forum, even though that is the HTML title of the page because that is not the name of the website. Key phrases should not be added to a title and proper capitalization should be used.

Example of Proper Directory Submission Title:

Title: A Full Cup

Unacceptable Directory Submission Titles Using Example:

* Title: Grocery Couponing & Deal Forum
* Title: A Full Cup Grocery Couponing & Deal Forum
* Title: A FULL CUP

Description: The description explains what a site provides or offers. This is not an advertisement for the site, but an objective description. The description should use proper capitalization rules, not capitalizing every word, or using all caps. The title of the site should not be included within the description, as it has already been listed within the title. Stuffing keywords is not permitted.

Acceptable Directory Submission Description Using Example:
Community and tools to help you learn how to save money on grocery bills with coupons and proper techniques.

Unacceptable Directory Submission Description Using Example:
A Full Cup is the internet's premier site for all your savings needs! We know that in today's economy you need all the help you can get - and you will find it here at AFC! Our community is full of friendly people who are ready and waiting to share their knowledge about couponing, refunding and frugal living!

Keywords: This should be the most common keywords used for your site. Do not be afraid to add both singular and plural terms, along with abbreviations etc. The biggest mistake we see here is submissions only using a couple of keywords.

The Category: Place your site in the most appropriate category.

If your site is about Alabama, then place it in Regional > United States of America > Alabama, and not Regional > United States of America.

Another example if for pharmacy sites: place your site under Shopping > Health and Beauty > Medical Products > Prescriptions, and not Health and Fitness > Medicine.

Some direct rules:
- We no longer accept adult or gambling sites.
- If you are selling a product, it will go in Shopping.
- If you are selling a service, it will go in Businesses and Services, or Web Services.
- If your site is a foreign language site, it will be placed in the appropriate Regional category.

You can always suggest a category in these forums.

Feel free to visit our Directory Issues section of the V7N Forums to ask for help choosing the proper category!

Yes! We do allow deep linking!

Making a mistake in your submission will not automatically mean your site will be rejected, but it may take longer for it to be approved as we need to make corrections before we can approve it.

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